A new version of the LanguageTool Plugin for Studio 2017 and 2019

A new version of the LanguageTool Plugin for Studio 2017 and 2019 is available in the SDL AppStore.





LanguageTool Plugin 2.0 User's Manual (English) 4.29 MB 187 downloads

English User's Manual for LanguageTool Plugin and ...

Instrukcja użytkownika LanguageTool Plugin 2.0 3.91 MB 104 downloads

Instrukcja użytkownika LanguageTool Plugin i do SDL Trados...


In version 2.0, several important improvements were added and the known minor bugs were

– You no longer need to set the language in the LanguageTool Plugin. The language is automatically taken from translated file.

– Segment locked content is not checked (not sent to the server) — less false positive errors.

– The name of the spell-checking rule is set automatically for all languages. You don’t need to enter it manually.

– Improved PerfectMatch segment exclusion from checking. It was possible that some ContextMatch segments were not checked.

– Improved saving of LanguageTool Plugin settings in the project after clicking OK.

– Fixed an error caused by several consecutive special characters used in regular expressions, e.g. “**” during spell-checking. The problem occurred, among others, in Spanish.

– The server console window now starts up immediately in the minimized version.

– Improved Ignore All function for spelling errors. Now only the same type of errors are ignored, not all spelling errors.

– Improved Ignore words … only if the same word occurs in source feature. Now only whole words in the source segment are taken into account for the comparison.

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