LanguageTool Plugin for SDL Trados Studio

LanguageTool Plugin for SDL Trados Studio finds grammar errors in translation

Even the best translator makes mistakes. Short deadlines, machine translations, and other factors constitute to making mistakes. Probably, you happened to overlook an error, which normally you would not commit because you are well aware of such mistake.

For example, grammar error in a sentence:

The manager wants to speak to every employees in his office.

Or the lack of a comma:

By default this setting is enabled.

Think of the usefulness of a helpful watcher which notifies us of such mistakes immediately we make them. I have good news — there is something like this called LanguageTool.

LanguageTool is open-source proof-reading software, which detects a lot of grammatical, stylistic, spelling, typographical or punctuation errors in more than 25 languages. On the example of Polish, we can safely say this tool can also be useful for professionals, proofreaders, editors or translators due to the range of detected errors. LanguageTool is entirely free for everyone..

LanguageTool is available as a stand-alone desktop application or as an extension in LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Chrome, and Firefox. Moreover, it can now be used in SDL Trados Studio thanks to my plug-in.

LanguageTool Plugin for Studio — Settings


LanguageTool Plugin for Studio — Error Messages

LanguageTool finds errors based on the morphological analysis of text and special rules. The capabilities of LanguageTool are virtually unlimited but depend on the existence of rules and their number for a given language. The more rules for a particular language, the greater the strength of LanguageTool. That is great news for all LanguageTool users, as they can easily improve it, by creating new rules, both for themselves and for the LanguageTool community.

Most rules exist for the following languages: French and Catalan (more than 2500), German (more than 2000), Polish and English (almost 1500), as well as the Chinese, Danish, Japanese, Breton, and Russian (more than 500)..

For translators, an attractive option may be the fact that the rules do not need to apply only to the errors, but also to stylistic guidelines. Such rules can be created for a particular project. Examples of such rule categories are Plain English and Misused terms in EU publications, which exist in English.

I have followed the development of LanguageTool project for many years. I then thought it would be good to have it all in the SDL Trados Studio, which I use on a daily basis as a translator. That is why I developed a plug-in for SDL Trados Studio. This plug-in connects to LangugeTool Web-server via RestAPI and shows all errors detected by LanguageTool in a file being translated. LanguageTool Plugin works with Studio 2014, 2015 and should also work with Studio 2017.

This plug-in is beta, but it is signed and safe. I would like to get the feedback of the wider group of users on its functionality before I publish it in the SDL App Store.



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LanguageTool Plugin 1.1 for SDL Trados Studio. This plug-in integrates the LanguageTool...

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Sample screenshots

An interesting feature offered by LanguageTool and my plug-in is the ability to check the spelling of words with tags ignored. The Studio built-in spellchecker always reports such words as mistakes.

LanguageTool Plugin for Studio — Spelling


More information about the LanguageTool:

LanguageTool homepage:

The list of supported languages and rules:

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