New versions of Xbench29Plugin for Studio 2017 and Studio 2019

New versions of Xbench29Plugin for Studio 2017 and Studio 2019 are now available in SDL AppStore.
New versions of plug-ins do not provide any new functionalities. They were only adapted to the new version of Studio.

The plug-in allows you to execute a quick QA check in Xbench without laborious project creation. All you need to do is click on the ribbon icon. Though the plug-in name is Xbench29Plugin, it can also be used with Xbench 3.0.

Why use Xbench? Xbench allows you to search for inconsistencies in the source. (Two or more different source segments with the same translation.) This cannot be caught in the Studio.

Xbench 2.9 Plugin for SDL Trados Studio

Xbench 2.9 QA-check with just one click

Do you use Xbenech 2.9? Now you can check active Studio project in Xbench 2.9 with just one-click. You no longer need to create new Xbench project or add files to project manually. Xbench29Plugin creates Xbench project, adds files from active Studio project and runs Xbench automatically for you. Then just click Check ongoing translation in Xbench application to perform QA-check.

However, the name of this plug-in is Xbench29Plugin it works with Xbench 2.9 as well as Xbench 3.x.



This plug-in is also available in SDL AppStore:



Xbench29Plugin creates Xbench project for all SDLXLIFF files from active Studio project and opens Xbench application instantaneously. XBP file type (that is Xbench project file extension) must have a correct association with the Xbench application. Otherwise, Xbench will not be started. The plugin does not include any termbase or translation memories when creating Xbench project. The plugin saves XBP file in Studio project folder. XBP project filename is the same as the name of Studio project.

Please note, even though Xbench 2.9 is a very useful QA-check tool the Xbench 3.x is much better. You can find more details about Xbench 3.x application on XBENCH.NET and ApSIC Tool Weblog.